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Sponsorship Sales
Sales Support - Business Development
Sales Analysis - Limited Market Analysis - Targeting
Solicitation - Negotiation - Account Management

The Sponsorship Group is a facilitator. Specializing in bringing sponsors together with relevant events, organizations, websites and would be TV properties, The Sponsorship Group helps deliver the best most cost effective marketing vehicles in the form of relationships. The Sponsorship Group specializes in increasing sales through focused and targeted sales efforts - enhanced by out-of-the-box creativity. Through advanced research of prospective sponsors, extensive listening, industry knowledge, and a close working relationship with our clients, The Sponsorship Group drives revenue with minimal cost or impact to the event/property.

All sponsorships are not equal in value to all sponsors, so they must be sold on a value basis, not by maintaining a strict menu of benefits. With over 10 years of experience, The Sponsorship Group relies upon that experience and current industry knowledge to present the greatest value proposition within controlled cost parameters.